Top 5 tips to get hassle free student visa to Australia from India

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Hassle Free Student Visa

The first day in one of the Australian universities, surely makes your dream come true. Indeed it is most unforgettable moment to be one among several other Australian students. Indeed it is an inexpressible for Indian students to get an opportunity to build their future on the lands of Australia.

Compared to other countries, the education expense is quite reasonable in Australia. Literally it is a lifetime opportunity to pursue higher education from Australia. Outstanding living together with logical teaching methods somewhat distinguishes the place in every respect. The thought of obtaining a  student visa  can conjure up fears of problem that somehow make students shy to apply. Sometimes, it is difficult for students to acquire the visa from India. But  you might be surprised to know there are easy tips to get a visa without any fuss.

At times, it might seem that acquiring visa is an erroneous process. But there are some easy to note rules, which will help you, get over the procedure without any difficulty.

Need to have complete eloquence in English language:

To an Indian, although English language is not the first language. Still while you opt to pursue your future in a foreign land like Australia make sure you have a sound expertise in the language. The students need to pass the proficiency exam responding to their respective courses. For students who are going to pursue higher education studies like Al 1and 2 categories.

While students belonging to the AL 3 and 4 will also have to submit the manifestations support their proficiency in the language. Even students can also apply for some renowned tests, which takes place on the internet now and then. Students can apply from the corner of their home, as these are online based. The scores are given on the basis of the course they are choosing. The listed courses are basic course, full degree course, or the Basic English language intensive course for overseas students.


Get a character record:

The character record means that the particular students should bear a legal clean chit. In order to get the student visa do so, a criminal record is carried out against the students to check whether he or she is clean and not involved in any illegal matter. Over all, the police checks to assure that the person are not a part of any molestation, harassment or associated to any organization, which much be a threat to the community. Additionally the police also checks to confirm whether the person has any real criminal record or not. The students should either obtain a statement of certificate from the police or should fill up the Character statutory declaration form.


Health information record:

Providing an at length information about your health is the most essential information. You need to arrange an appointment with a physician not prior six months of your journey. Now the health record would be prepared considering how many months you are going to stay in Australia. At the same time, a medical examination would be carried out precisely.

This includes like Hepatitis C, B, and HIV, chest X ray etc. One more thing you should remember that timely medical examinations count a lot. Make sure that you should go for medical checks within three back-to-back months. If not done, then you would be in the category of medium to high health problems. Further clarifications may be advised depending on the situation.

For those willing to shine their future in Australia, should make sure that proper health insurance is a must – have requirement out there. To your knowledge, this insurance can be garnered from the Overseas Student Health Cover. Well that is up to you how would you collect. You can either ask the authorize center to arrange one for you. Or else you can contact the OSHC to get the insurance. For Indian students they should get the copy of the insurance covered by the Indian government. Once you submit the application, make sure to enclose the payment proof as evidence from the OSHC.


Proof of finance:

One most important thing is that you should always consider on a priority basis is the finance. Necessarily you need to have adequate funds to get the student visa. In fact, you have to submit the documents as a proof, which will support all kind of expenses in Australia. Mostly it should cover your accommodation cost, traveling cost and education expenditure. In this context, a proper analysis is carried out to confirm the exact amount needed.

But conditions applied, who will bear the fund. And the time till which the fund will be with the person. Over all, you will have to notify your status in your own country. Although you require a visa as a student, still you need to address about any such commitments, which might compel you to return to your country.


Providing proof as a student:


The most important thing you need to submit all academic details, which will justify your academic career. You need to submit the documents stating you’re through out scores. Additionally you need to justify about the course selection. Additionally you have to voice out whether the course you have chosen is reasonable or not. Moreover, you have to say that whether the course seems valid to your present education level. In addition to this, you also need to assure that as a student you would be consistent with the particular course you choose.

Thus, you can see that the above said tips would definitely help you get the student visa without any complications. Over all, you should remember to submit all valid and up to the minute information so that you are detained. For further information you can also contact the respective embassy like Australian embassy as well.

Hope these points will make your dream come true. It will help you to fulfill your wish to study in the foreign land especially when it is Australia.


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