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Visas for Australia

Australia Permanent Residency

An Australian permanent resident is a person who holds a permanent resident visa (Australia PR) and is also a non-citizen. Permanent residents in Australia can live, work and study un-restricted.

Australian permanent residents have most of the same rights and entitlements as a citizen, there are a few differences.

  1. Citizens have automatic right to enter Australia. Permanent (Australia PR) resident who choose to travel must be sure to have a permanent visa with a valid travel authority to return to    Australia.
  2. Australian citizens have the right to vote in all Government Elections. Most people with an Australian PR are unable to vote, unless they were enrolled to vote as a British subject prior to 1984.

 Student VisaStudent Visa

Australia’s student visa program is designed to allow foreign students to undertake full-time study in Australian registered courses.

Students must be accepted to full-time study in a registered course in Australia.

The registered course must be an accredited education or training course listed in the Commonwealth Register or Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) and be offered by an education provider being registered to offer courses to foreign overseas students.

Skilled Migration Australia

The Australian Skilled Migration Programs purpose is to attract highly employable people to Australia. It is the most popular form of Migration to Australia.

Eligibility for an Australian Skilled Visa is determined amongst other things, your skills and level of need for your skills in Australia.

Australian Family Visa

Australia acknowledges that family members want to be together and that family members depend on the support of close relatives.

Under the family migration scheme, eligible people are able to sponsor members of their family to join them  in Australia.

Sponsors and applicants need to have met eligibility criteria which will be different depending on which visa you qualify for.

Partner Visa

Spouse Visa & Prospective Marriage Visa

Eligibility for a partner visa is usually people in one of the following three situations.Partner Visa

1/ Partners and fiances of Australian Citizens.

2/ Partners and fiances of Australian permanent residents.

3/ Partners and fiances of Eligible New Zealand citizens.


There are 2 options for Australian Partner Visa:

a/ Prospective Marriage Visa

b/ Spouse Visa

Child Visa

A Child Visa allows for a Parent or Parents to sponsor the migration of their child or stepchild.

Parent Visa

A Parent Visa allows the parent(s) of a child who is settled in Australia who is an Australian citizen or an eligible New Zealand citizen to migrate to Australia to be with their children.

 Employer Sponsored Visa

An Employer Sponsored Visa allow Australian and Overseas businesses the ability to sponsor skilled workers with recognized skills and qualifications. Employers can sponsor overseas workers for temporary or permanent visas.

Employer sponsored visas allow businesses in Australia and overseas to sponsor skilled workers who have recognized qualifications and skills in particular occupations required in Australia.